Arabic for Children


The Arabic program for children at MARHABA Arabic is committed to the task of building an appreciation of Arabic language and culture.

Students are encouraged to become confident speakers at an early age.

Lessons are conducted in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) in a fun and immersive environment that focuses on promoting all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Our Arabic courses for kids are divided into four exceptional levels, upon completion of these four levels students will be able to join GCSE Arabic.

No prior knowledge of Arabic is required for students to participate in the courses.

However, students with some Arabic proficiency will be given an assessment test to determine their level before attending class.

Here is a brief overview of the different course levels:

Arabic classes for kids at the beginner level are for students with little or no knowledge of Arabic.

They  start with the Arabic alphabet, after which they learn how to read and write Arabic letters and the  phonetics of the Arabic language.

Students learn basic vocabulary and short sentences about themselves and the world around them such as greetings, introductions, family members, colors, etc.

Arabic lessons for kids intermediate level are ideal for students who have a basic understanding of the Arabic language and would like to further their Arabic studies.

At this level, students learn simple words, sentences, and dialogue about broader topics.

The upper-intermediate Arabic classes for kids level is perfect for students who can answer questions with long and short sentences and who can narrate stories.

Students study topics such as direction, hobby, time, and seasons at this level.

We teach vocabulary to enhance the student’s understanding of the Arabic language.

Our advanced online Arabic classes for kids are for students who have proficiency in communicating on formal and informal topics of their interests, can interact with some degree of fluency and can read and understand longer stories and texts.

Students learn about expressing their feelings, life, hobbies, and much more at this advanced level.