Arabic for Adults


Are you looking to pick up the new Arabic language or enhance your existing language skills?

Whether you are a total beginner or already have some experience, at Marhaba Arabic London we have language courses suitable for all levels and ages.

Discover the joy of learning Arabic with our adult classes tailored to every proficiency level.


The Course aims to teach students the basics of the Arabic Language and culture which include: the Arabic Alphabet, Simple everyday conversation and grammar concepts as well as helping the students to understand Arab cultural practices.

Course content:

  1. The Arabic Alphabet
    • Latin transcription as an introductory stage
    • Arabic letters, sounds and scripts
  2. Greetings and Introduction
  3. Introducing others
  4. Names of common things
  5. Countries and nationalities
  6. Professions and places
  7. Numbers
  8. Likes and preferences
  9. Simple grammatical concepts such as: female and masculine, simple present, demonstrative pronouns, addition and question words
  10. Arab cultural practices

No textbook will be required for this introductory course, supporting materials will be provided.

Course Outcomes:

  1. Recognise and use both the Arabic Alphabet and their Latin transcription as an introduction stage to the Arabic letters, sounds and script
  2. Start a simple conversation such as greetings, introduction, countries, nationalities, professions, places, numbers and express likes and preferences as well as simple grammatical concepts
  3. Understand the Arab world and its culture and how to communicate with Arabs